Anek by Anubhav Sinha trending at number 1 on Netflix; netizens hail the courageous storytelling by filmmaker


Mumbai, July 1: Anubhav Sinha’s Anek is garnering the rightful love from the audience barely a week after releasing on Netflix. The Ayushmann Khurrana starrer is amongst the finest political thrillers to come out of India in recent years. Sinha delves into the layers of what causes the othering of the North East, highlighting mainstream supremacy that stands at the root of the problem. Since its release on OTT last week, the film has been trending at the number 1 spot in Indian movies on Netflix. Netizens have been discussing the film’s broader themes and applauding the filmmaker’s attempt to bring synch an important subject to light.

The movie has evidently struck a chord with people. Following up Mulk, Article 15 and Thappad, all of which dealt with crucial themes, this time Sinha went all blazing guns on the systemic oppression of the North East. The film is getting a resounding response globally who are finally able to see what are the socio-political problems in North East.

Anek shines at the top spot on Netflix India, as the movie is the much-needed punch in the gut giving entertainment a makeover!

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