ROPAX brings Joy to the people of Saurashtra with 2 Departures a day

Surat, September 10: DG Sea Connect has relaunched its much-anticipated Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira in Surat and Gogha in Bhavnagar on September 7. It is India’s first and largest solar-powered Ro-Pax ferry, giving passengers greater convenience and cargo transit between Surat to Saurashtra and vice versa.

Hazira-Gogha Ro-Pax ferry services between South Gujarat and Saurashtra by sea were temporarily suspended owing to technological and economic concerns. With its restart, the Ro-Pax ferry will transfer passengers and cargo between the two destinations in three hours.

According to Voyage Express India, the solar-powered Ro-Pax ferry will drastically reduce fuel usage, adding to the Central Government’s efforts to promote the use of renewable energy. Furthermore, travellers will have the option to travel between Hazira and Gogha twice a day.

The Voyage Express will leave Ghogha at 9 a.m. and from Hazira at 06:30 p.m., while the Voyage Symphony will leave Hazira at 8 a.m. and from Ghogha at 5 p.m.

Voyage Express is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to ensure passengers’ comfort and freight movement between South Gujarat and Saurashtra. The ferry is fully air-conditioned, with three cafeterias, game zones, and a top deck where one can enjoy the sea’s majesty.

It can transport 180 executive passengers, 115 business passengers, 80 sleeper class passengers, 22 VIP lounges, and 11 cabins. The ship has a capacity of 70 automobiles, 50 motorcycles, 25 tempos, and 55 trucks. On the other hand, Voyage Symphony has a capacity of 316 executive passengers, 78 business passengers, 14 VIP lounges, 85 automobiles, 50 bikes, and 30 trucks.


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